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Light Odyssey is a upcoming turn-based RPG game developed by ConeHead and his friends Arthur, Héctor and Leox, the game is still in its initial stages of production, so it has not started to be developed yet, there is still nothing ready for the game, just the description of certain characters and some locations of the game.

The game has a great inspiration in the RPGs franchise ''Mother" (1989-2006), with 5 main characters, being 1 temporary, and will have 5 continuations, being the fifth, the outcome, the game has a release date predicted for 202X, without confirmation .


  • The story of the game takes place between the late 2000's and early 2010's.
  • The game will have unusual features in RPGs, but at the same time it will be as one.
  • The main characters will only be known in the last game.
  • Currently, developers are looking for someone to help with production.


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